Our Process

Undertaking a custom cabinetry project can be a daunting prospect. This is why Dodge Cabinets are here every step of the way to ensure your cabinetry dreams come true.

Our experts will help you choose the material, colour scheme and design for the perfect cabinetry to suit your needs as well as providing 3D rendered plans.

Initial Discussion

Our first interaction will be our initial discussion in which we will get a feel for your project and the vision you have for the space. At this stage we would request any existing plans and inspiration you may have gathered.


In order to quote the project, we will meet you in the space and take any required measurements. Based on this information, and the details we obtained from our initial discussion, we will provide a comprehensive quote.


Once we have the go-ahead to proceed with your project, we will create 3D rendered drawings of the design for approval prior to proceeding to production to ensure every aspect of the custom cabinetry design is to your liking.


At this stage we will do all required manufacturing of your custom cabinetry off-site at our factory in Lilydale. This involves putting your cabinetry together to ensure everything comes together perfectly during install.


The final step in the process is installation. Our highly-skilled team of cabinet makers will bring your custom cabinetry dreams to life before your eyes. Once the cabinetry is installed, finishing touches such as splashbacks and stone benchtops can be arranged.

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Contact Us

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