Joinery Lingo Explained

Custom kitchen featuring Janper vinyl shaker-style doors and natural quartz bench tops.

We are the first to admit that sometimes we get a little passionate about our trade and use terminology that may not immediately recognised by our clients. So…here you have it, a joinery lingo cheat sheet if you please.

Accent  Added for extra detail and emphasis. Might be a highlight, outline or contrast
Adjustable Shelves Supported by shelf holders (such as dowel or pins), these shelves are adjustable to suit changing storage requirements
Backsplash Protects the wall and wall edge from spills and damage. Can be in the form of tiles, glass, stone or pressed metal
Base Cabinet Varying by width, these cabinets are cabinets that sit on the floor and support the benchtops
Bevel The slanted edge of a surface
Bulkhead A portion of ceiling that has been built lower than the rest of the ceiling either as a feature or to hide a void or wires/piping
Cabinet Carcass A Cabinet Carcass is body of a cabinet and is what creates the storage within a cabinet
Concealed Hinge A hinge that is mounted to the inside of a cabinet so that it cannot be seen from the outside
Dishwasher Panel A panel that is used to hide the front face of an integrated or semi-integrated dishwasher
Drawer Box The inside of the drawer which creates the storage space
Drawer Face The front face of a drawer where the handle is usually mounted
Drawer Runners Metal tracks that are mounted to drawers or the inside of cabinets for drawers to open and close
End Cabinet A cabinet that is connected to another cabinet on only one side
Exposed Hinge Hinge that is mounted so that it is seen from the outside of the cabinet
Face Frame Not always used, the Face Frame is attached to the cabinet surround and adds strength while creating a clean profile
Fixed Shelves Shelves that cannot be moved or adjusted
Flat Panel A door or drawer panel which is plain without design or highlight features
Frameless Cabinet A cabinet which does not have a Face Frame. The doors and drawers cover the full face of the carcass
Galley Kitchen A kitchen with two parallel runs of cabinetry
Gloss Finish A finish that adds shine and lustre to the substrate
Grain The direction of the fibres in a natural or artificial timber
Hardwood Timber that is derived from a deciduous tree such as an Oak, Maple or Gum (for example)
Honed Finish A satin finish to substrate
Kickboard The set back at the bottom of a base cabinet that allows room for your feet so you can stand closer to the bench
Laminate Laminate is layers of paper pressed together and bonded to a substrate. They come in a variety of finishes and designs and tend to have some resistance to scuffing
Matte Finish A finish that purposely has low shine
Melamine Melamine is a low-pressure laminate
Panel The centre section of a door or drawer
Partial Overlay When the doors and drawers partially cover the Face Frame
Rail The horizontal components of a Face Frame or door/drawer frame
Rendering A 3D representation of a design created using Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Shadowline A gap which is left to create a shadow to frame a feature (such as stone or a shadowbox)
Sheen The finish of a paint, for example gloss, matte or honed
Stile The vertical component of a Face Frame or door/drawer frame
Top Mount Sink Has a raised lip which sits over the top of the benchtop
Undermount Sink A sink which is mounted below the benchtop
Wall Cabinet Cabinets that are mounted to the wall
Work Triangle An ergonomic theory to assist with ensuring efficiency in kitchen design